About Us

In a world where personal networks hold immense value, Loop emerges as the bridge that connects users to the best service providers within their circles. Understanding the power and significance of personal connections, Loop was created to fulfill the growing need for a platform that seamlessly links individuals with the right experts in their own networks.

Loop isn’t just another service-providing application – it's a revolution in the way we seek and engage with service providers. Leveraging the strength of personal connections, this app is designed to offer a personalized, trustworthy, and efficient solution for all your service needs.

Why Loop?

What sets Loop apart is its focus on reliability and familiarity. By tapping into the service providers recommended or used by friends, family, or acquaintances, the app ensures a level of trust and accountability that is often lacking in the digital service marketplace. ​

Loop is much more than just an app; it's a community-driven solution that prioritizes trust and reliability, making your search for service providers an effortless and gratifying experience.

App Features

Personalized recommendations

Access service providers endorsed by your friends, family, and acquaintances. Benefit from reviews and recommendations tailored to your preferences

Trusted services

Engage with professionals who have the stamp of approval from your personal connections. Build a network of reliable service providers to meet all your needs.

Ease of use

Enjoy a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation. Connect with service experts quickly and efficiently.

Community-Driven Experience

Contribute to a thriving network by sharing your experiences. Help others find the right service providers based on real, trusted recommendations.


Hire With

When looking for a service provider such as an electrician or plumber, we are most comfortable hiring someone we know or someone recommended by one of our contacts With Loop, this is now easier and more efficient than ever. ​

Get in the Loop now and engage with professionals who come with the stamp of approval from people you know and trust.


Mo Grunberg


Mo Grunberg founded Loop in 2022 after traveling internationally setting up telehealth clinics across Africa and India. With a deep understanding of the power of personal networks, Mo recognized the need for a platform that connects individuals with the right experts in their own circles.

Israel Benmo


Israel Benmo, the Co-Founder, brings his extensive tech background, creative knowledge, and passion to make using Loop a unique, efficient, user-friendly experience.

Yoni Labell


Yoni is a passionate explorer of new ideas and technologies, dedicated to transforming possibilities into innovative solutions through relentless curiosity and meticulous research.

Gary Benmo


An adept strategist and operational architect, orchestrating seamless execution and driving organizational excellence to propel sustainable growth and operational efficiency.

Aron Rutenberg

Business Development

With a keen eye for emerging trends and a knack for relationship-building, Aron navigates complex landscapes to uncover new avenues for innovation and collaboration.

Chaim Grunberg

Marketing Director

Ensuring our brand not only stands out but also makes a meaningful impact in the market